SMU Deals

Ever wanted a glove mades specially just for you?

Ever wanted to feel like one of the pro's with your name on your gloves?

Ever thought that it would be possible to get 5 pairs of your own SMU for just £150?


Here at Glovex we offer just that! In our new great design we allow you to select your choice of Cut, Latex, Colourways and all other personalisation additions you want!


If this sounds like your type of offer then email us at, or with the following information

  • Size
  • Colours of logo and index finger logo
  • Colours of strips around logo
  • Colours of backhand latex 
  • Cut
  • Latex
  • Wrist Personalisation
  • Any images or logo's you want added to the strap
  • And any other comments!

Get yourself a bargain today!!