About Us

Glovex Goalkeeping was established in 2011 by Matt Phillips and then co-owner Niall Conroy. In the two year period the company has continued to grow and our range has become more established. in January 2013, goalkeeper and glove fanatic Tom Taylor replaced Niall and joined co-owner Matt Phillips to continue the Glovex revolution! We have been able to continue to grow our customer and endorsee base with our customers stretching over all continents of the planet and currently have endorsee's in England, Ireland, Norway and United States!

  • Why we sell the items we sell? 

    We want to offer gloves designed by goalkeepers FOR goalkeepers! With the ever-growing economic crisis we know money in families can be tight, so we want to offer a high quality glove that can be used at any level from Sunday league to Premier league yet offer it at a great low price!
  • Where you we located?
    We are based in Southampton, Hampshire. 
  • Who are the people on your team?
    Matt Phillips

    Co-owner and Founder of Glovex Goalkeeping. A goalkeeping enthusiast who knows everything about gloves that there is to know! Despite only 20 years of age, Matt's knowledge on goalkeepers and goalkeeping stem's back a long way, obtaining contact's and knowledge over the years through many sources!


         Tom Taylor

 Co-owner Tom Taylor Joined the company in January, bringing experience of running his own successful business and passion for goalkeeping to the company.


Between both Matt and Tom we tick all the boxes for successful and exciting times for Glovex and believe in our hands the brand "Glovex" will become a well know and successful brand of goalkeeping glove.